Catada Gold And Diamonds

Wholesale of Unworked Gold and Precious Metals Trading,
Wholesale of Jewellery Diamonds and Precious Stones,
Exporting ,Importing.

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We start by extending my deepest gratitude to our partners in success: those who deal with Catada Gold and Diamonds; namely the customers, suppliers, workers, and officials. Before getting into details pertaining to the group, we find it appropriate to give a quick review of the group and its companies, its points of strength and challenges encountered through its history, so as to familiarize all who relate to it along with its new activities. We believe the company that neglects earnest and continued self-development, in this fast-pace world is doomed to not survive the cut throat competition. We are since 6 years in the Diamond industry, we have over come various challenges and survived the storm to stand where we are today, successful and every growing.


Our employees are central to our success and a culture of integrity. With them, we continue to build a company that’s competitive, profitable while contributing to the economic growth and aiming for sustainable operations. The future plans for Catada Gold and Diamonds is to make a world class Diamonds cutting and polishing facility in United Arab Emirates and India . This move will help to create many more opportunities in the country of operations.

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About Us

Wholesale of Unworked Gold and Precious Metals Trading
Wholesale of Jewellery Diamonds and Precious Stones
Exporting and Importing